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Ballistic Helmet Performance

INTER Materials has developed a proprietary manufacturing process that can utilize newer thermoplastic matrix composite materials to meet the ballistic and structural requirements for the new Enhanced Comabt Helmet (ECH), the Light Weight Advanced Combat Helmet (LW-ACH), and the Combat Vehicle Crewman Helmet (CVC).

  • Helmet designs that utilizes UHMWPE fibers, structural materials, pre-form architectures, and advanced molding to obtain superior ballistic performance with complex geometries
  • Optimized for ECH, Lightweight ACH and  CVC
  • Rugged construction for NVG and head gear accessories
INTER Materials ECH & LW-ACH Design vs. ACH Standard Intermaterials
Property ECH LW-ACH
Geometry ACH ACH
Weight ACH < 20-30%
Wall Tickness > 30-40% < 20-30%
Structural Composite Composite
Ballistics > 70-80% > 30-40%
Finishing ACH ACH