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Available Plasma Systems

For manufacturers that need their own abrasion protection of transparencies, INTER Materials offers for sale Plasma Coating Deposition Systems.

High Vacuum Plasma Coating Equipment

  • Stainless steel 84" diameter x 60" length vacuum chamber
  • A high vacuum system consisting of two 20" diffusion pumps, mechanical pump, mechanical rough pump with root blower package.
  • Also included are a 4" fix throttle valve, a MEIVAC 20" diameter automatic throttle valve with position control, MKS mass flow controls with NC shutoff valve, INSTRUTECH conventional gauges, and a MKS Baratron gauge.
  • Power electric panel distribution with PLC and control components.
  • Supervisory control computer system with LABVIEW software, digital control panel with touch screen and computer.
  • AEC 15 tons chiller

Plasma Ion Bean Deposition (PIBD) Equipment

  • Energy Pinnacle II power supplies for two grid-less, closed drift, internal ion sources.

Plasma Ion Immersion Deposition (PIID) Equipment

  • Power Source (3-phases, 6 Kv pulse voltage, 4000 Hz pulsing frequency, and 50A peak current)

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